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The success of this firm is ultimately tied to the satisfaction of our clients. The professionals at the Dani V. Bone Law Firm are profoundly aware that what we do can has a significant impact on the health, happiness, and financial security of our clients.

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I opened my law practice on February 3, 1997. Since that time, I stand up to those who try to bully the little man--whether that be insurance companies, the State of Alabama, or an abusive spouse. I am not afraid to take the fight to anybody. I practice family law, criminal law, social security disability, and bankruptcy–among other things. Nothing makes me happier than the smile on my client’s face after we fight tooth and nail to get them the justice they deserve.

When you meet with me, I will sit down and go through your case in detail. I understand that you can’t understand the facts of the case without also getting to know the people in the case. I try to treat people the way that I would want someone to treat my son or my daughter.

I worked at Gulf States Steel here in Gadsden while putting myself through college at Jacksonville State University. I later graduated from Birmingham School of Law and finished in the top 10% of my class.

I have worked hard and as a result my work has been featured on CNN's The Nancy Grace Show, CNN's Dr. Drew Show, and has been in The New York Times, The Gadsden Times, Fox News, Breitbart, The Huffington Post, and many other newspapers.

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